Sunday 20 March 2016

Reading Together

We have had a wonderful turn out for our Reading Together Programme this term.  Today our session included the children.  It was a busy time and much noisier than our usual sessions!  This is great as it shows the enthusiasm for reading in the group.  The leaners and their whanau enjoyed sharing some books together and we could hear many different languages being used.  
Talking about the pictures with your child is so important.  It helps them to have some ideas ready when they begin to try and read the words on the page.  It helps them to link back to the experiences they have had with you and this gives them some more ideas.
Many of us worked hard today to give our children time to think for themselves before helping them out.
It is just so lovely looking through these pictures and seeing how relaxed everyone is.  It is such a nice time to spend with your children.

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